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CV Guide & Templates

Icon CV Guide & T... Curriculum Vitae is the begining of get a job process, usualy it also triggers the end of it, therefor it should be perfect. Here you find several advices, tips and templates.

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Cover Letter Guide & Templates

Icon Cover Letter... Some employers ask candidates for Cover Letter, this varies per employer, per position and per industry, here you will find out what Cover Letter is and how to do it.

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Interviews guide, tips & videos

Icon Interviews g... Interview is usualy the last step to new job. Here you find typical Do and Don't in video tutorials and some other useful sources that should lead you to success.

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Courses and seminars

Icon Courses and ... For increassing your chances on the job market you can extend your qualification by completing a course or seminar to improve current knowledge or try new profession.

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Useful Links for Jobseekers

Icon Useful Links... List of several useful links for anyone who is looking for new job, want to change current or want to start a course, seeks welfare or is unemployed.

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Icon Start-ups Do you have an idea for new business or just want to work for your own ? In this article you will find links which will introduce you to the important information you need to know.

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